Closing down.

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A good feeling? or bad feeling?

I guess it’s a little of both. When i first started going to the gym again, my muscles were sore the first few times. I couldn’t even lift up my hand sometimes in the shower to wash my back. It was a good feeling. Now, my weights are a third heavier and i’m not sore at all. Even when i’m hitting the gym almost everyday. It’s nice to know that you’re getting stronger but because you don’t get sore, you can’t help but wonder if you’re doing enough. Oh well.

By the way, i stopped my no-carb diet last night. It was a pool party and 2 girls including my wife said i’m becoming much skinnier than before even though my arms and pecs seem to be developing just fine.

So… pasta anyone?

Ps. To burn off the carbs, I’m going to add a 45 minute run to my workout routine. And Will Smith takes carbs too.


Do it. Follow your Heart.

The following conversation took place between Dennis (a British veteran), Mark (my gym buddy), John (Mark’s cousin) and myself:

D: Yeah, run in a marathon. The training sucks but it’s all worth it once you run in the marathon. Once you’ve done Singapore, you should try London. The scenery is beautiful with the Big Ben and all.

Y: I did the Singapore marathon last year. But only the half.

M: What was your time?

Y: 3 hours something i think. I had a sprained ankle.

D: Oh yeah, thats ok. I remember my time in NY was 6 hours for the full marathon. But that was because the weather was terrible. Snowing and all.

D: So anyway, you guys should do it. You’re young and all. Do it. Get the experience. Go diving, bungee jump, paraglide, sky diving…

Y: Wow. you did all those?

D: Oh yeah. I even jumped off the wings of the plane. But you have to train. So continue with the gym cause when you jump off the plane, you want to know that your body is ready.

M: Shit. Maybe we should start with paragliding.

D: Oh yeah, my kids did it on their own (points at his 3 sons, no more than 10 years old). And we had to jump to get that one down cause he was too light and wouldn’t land.

D: So yeah, you’re young. Do it. Go bungee jump. But don’t go for the 50m jump, that’s for kids (again referring to his kids). The one i did was the 450ft jump and it was simply awesome.

M & Y: No shit.

D: I’m telling ya, you look at those guys driving their fancy cars with a cigarette in one hand… what have they done? I tell you.. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

D: So do it. Do it. Follow your heart.

Y: Sigh. Mark, let’s just start with the marathon.

One day i will do it. I will leave the concrete office for good and follow my heart. Maybe i might even go technical, inspired by this.

“A bad day of blowing bubbles is better than a good day at work” – Instructor Bill


Build Vs Strength

Inspired to do the muscle up like Mango…

…I have turned into a gym freak.

Going to the gym 5 times a week and doing a no carb diet, I can only call that achievement. I finally understand the fulfillment that G had 5 years ago. However, over the course of working out, i have deviated my focus from strength (to do the muscle up) to build & strength. You see, I’m also vain and want an ideal body to come with strength. G, inspired by crossfit, is taking a different approach from me. Instead of hitting hard on the weights, he’s using his body weight to work out (push ups, dips, pull ups etc).

Although i believe that the outcome will be somewhat similar, G thinks that i will end up like the guy on the left, he the middle and Chad on the right. Read his story here.

But here’s my goal, and he’s NOT cross fit trained:

Gimme 1 year. If I keep this up, i should be able to do the muscle up, and look at least a little like him ;)

Wish me luck.


Goodbye Publicis.

Last Friday marked my last day in Publicis. And very possibly my last day in a creative advertising agency. It was the longest tenure i’ve ever been in a single company – almost 2 years. Moving on for the 3rd time definitely makes it easier and my SAE prepared me a nice farewell present. You see, she thinks she’s the SUPER AE and thinks that i won’t survive without her. Hence, she presented me her self-made Ultimate Survival Kit:


The Ultimate Survival Kit box.


Inside the Ultimate Survival Kit, with captions…

1. Backaches – Solution: Monster Pillow.
2. Exhaustion – Solution: Water glass.
3. Hate your clients – Solution: Kung Fu kick.
4. Hungry – Solution: Choc chip cookies.
5. Need a break – Solution: Bag of chips.
6. Bad breath – Solution: Chewing gums.
7. Sweet tooth fix – Solution: Chocolates.
8. Coffee shop cravings – Solution: Soya bean drinks.
9. Fruit Fix – Solution: Raisins
10. Loss of memory – Solution: Picture frame.


Monster already made friends in the pillow community.


My team picture with multiple notes from colleagues on my bookshelf.


To the kitchen now…

Goodbye Publicis. Hello Yahoo!


Chad is feeling the blues.


Click on image to enlarge. Simply Hilarious.

For those of you who don’t know, Angie and Chad have a very special relationship.

(Thanks to Raymond for spotting this out)


Where in the world are the JYG?

They’re here. Actually, they’ve been everywhere but here. Sipadan, Malacca, KL. Just not at this blogsite.

I think it’s part of our evolution that we are all busy with our own blogs. G has his. Y has his (although it isn’t very updated. A bad habit carried from this blog.) And I have mine.

So if you want to catch up on our lives, do check out each site. They’re each very different, with their own distinctive tastes and passions. We’re still very much one in heart, but online, we do live in our own worlds.

We’ll reconvene when we decide what to with this blog.

Thanks for reading, all 3 of you. :)